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Touring Band FAQ
While Dave is on tour, he has a live band backing him up. Care to know who the people on stage are? Well, here you go!
Knox Chandler - Guitar
worked with: Psychedelic Furs, REM, Golden Palominos, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Creatures, Natalie Merchant, Depeche Mode, Cyndi Lauper, Grace Jones, Marriane Faithful, Ultra Vivid Scene, Lori Carson, Akiko Yano, Jeff Bova, Darden Smith, Lee Aaron, Tricky, Maggie Estep, Hal Wilner, Ed Saunders, Susan Werner, David Wilcox, Paula Cole, Jeffrey Gaines, Mui Sakamoto, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bree Sharp, Simone Hardy, Anika Moa, Cheryl Wheeler, Willy Porter, Professional Murder Music, and others...
Victor Indrizzo - Drums
worked with: Beck, Macy Gray, Avril Lavigne, The Vines, Liz Phair, Willie Nelson, Daniel Lanois, Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, Marianne Faithful, Redd Kross, Samiam, Rufus Wainwright,
Vincent Jones - Keyboards
engineer/mixed/produced: Adema, AM Radio, P.O.D, Orange, Mundae, Pink, Wakefield, 6 Gig, ZooStory, AudioVent, Cowboy Junkies, Siobhan Duvall, Skydiggers, Ginger, Jack Tripper, Kissed, John Bottomley, Rose Chronicles, Taste of Joy, Grapes of Wrath
played on: Orange, Pink, AudioVent, Boy Hits Car, Monster Magnet, Bruce Mccullough, Colin James, MudVayne, Primrods, Bryan Adams, Protein, Rankin Family, Ginger, 2 Precious, Barney Bentall, Mae Moore, Taste of Joy, John Bottomley, Grapes of Wrath, Lava Hay, Brothers and Systems Eponymous, Sarah McLachlan (Surfacing tour and all Lilth Fairs), Cowboy Junkies, and others...
Martyn Lenoble - Bass
worked with: Porno for Pyros, Janes Addiction, Scott Weiland of STP and was asked to play with Metallica but declined, so he could work on his solo music.
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